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Funding a Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Distributed Antenna System Funding

When it comes to in-building mobile coverage, working out who pays for it can be confusing and there have been some huge changes in the mobile industry when it comes to funding. For many people, building owners and businesses, the general thought is, “The mobile networks or my corporate account provider should pay for the lack of signal in my building”. If you have a corporate mobile account with thousands of connections on it, the networks may fund some or all of a mobile coverage solution, dependent on how much you spend with them per month and where you are contractually. The reason that there are so many hoops to jump through is that a distributed antenna system (DAS) or any mobile cover solution are expensive and as we all know, mobile tariffs are going down and down in price resulting in poorer and poorer revenues and returns for mobile network operators.

If you're a building owner with either residential, commercial or mixed use, no matter the size of the building, the networks will not fund a coverage solution for you. If you're a building with sub 2,000 users, outside of London, the networks will not even entertain providing backhaul and a base station (signal source) which are required for a DAS as this element is around £50K per operator and the networks simply no longer have the budgets required for in-building mobile signal.

Where Does this Leave You?

If your building has a 2,000+ occupancy, the networks may fund a base station and backhaul, leaving you to pay for the DAS which can easily be a 6 or 7 figures, dependant on the size and layout of your building. If your building has a few hundred person occupancy, you can purchase a small cell DAS which uses shared backhaul (leased line, internet connectivity) and small cells as the signal source which costs more around tens of thousands of pounds which can be affordable, especially if you take into account being able to increase rent for providing guaranteed mobile signal, however, the CAPEX can still be scary.


Spectrum Infrastructure have set-up an agreement with a finance provider to turn the CAPEX of a DAS into OPEX with affordable leasing terms of up to 7 years. Landlords and building owners can now provide this critical utility to their tenants increasing business productivity for their commercial clients and deliver what is now expected levels of connectivity to domestic clients at no upfront cost to the building owner. Lease and sell more space in your building, increase return on your investment and stay ahead of our competition by providing dedicated, guaranteed mobile signal at no upfront cost.

For more information about affordable DAS funding call Spectrum Infrastructure on 02393 874 720 or complete the form (bottom right) and we will contact you soon.

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