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Spectrum Infrastructure - Distributed Antenna System DAS

BTS Fed Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

A base station fed DAS is suitable for very large venues with thousands of daily occupants.


A base station has a high user capacity and acts as a signal source for the system.Using a base station fed DAS, we can support any mobile network for any cellular frequency available, including the emergency services (TETRA & ESN) anywhere in the world. A Distributed Antenna System of this kind is suitable for Commercial & residential developments, skyscrapers, shopping centres, sports stadiums and airports.


Our range of legal DAS technologies all use a fibre and Cat6 infrastructure for a high bandwidth, rich voice and data experience.

As our service is monitored 24/7/365 from our Network Operations Centre ("NOC") for faults and performance degradation, ensuring our customers have total reassurance that this business critical system and company asset is delivering on the KPI's we are set by the Mobile Network Operators. 

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