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6 Aug 2019

Spectrum are pleased to be sponsoring the upcoming Bisnow Office Leasing & Development Conference where our Director and lead consultant Liam Graham will be speaking on a panel discussing all things indoor 4G, the new Emergency Services Network (ESN) and Connectivity f...

8 Jun 2019

We recently teamed up with Bisnow and critical communications expert Peter Clemons of Quixoticity to put together an article highlighting the impact of the new 4G Emergency Services Network on commercial real estate.

Within the publication we discuss what ESN is, what i...

30 Jan 2019

The UK has taken some bold steps and will be the first country in the world to move away from TETRA, the current critical communications infrastructure used by the emergency services around the world, replacing it with a 4G enabled service by EE, known as ESN (Emergenc...

15 Jan 2019

The past 12 months we’ve been hands on, working with a number of different clients ranging from developers, landlords, property consultants and enterprise end users, all of whom have the same needs in different environments; they all require legal, reliable in-building...

9 Jan 2019

We’ve been doing a lot of work of late in high rise buildings throughout London measuring mobile coverage from the macro network across all operators and the penetration of those cellular frequencies into sites as tall as 67 stories.  

In many tall developments we’re ac...

26 Nov 2018

We are extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Glyde and Toby Woodfine as Directors of Spectrum Infrastructure Ltd.

Adam and Toby are the founders of TwistedPair, a leading global service provider of Audio Visual and Data communication. Working with many o...

8 Feb 2017

When it comes to in-building mobile coverage, working out who pays for it can be confusing and there have been some huge changes in the mobile industry when it comes to funding. For many people, building owners and businesses, the general thought is, “The mobile networ...

3 Jan 2017

What is a Passive DAS?

A passive distributed antenna system (DAS) uses dedicated backhaul (leased line) per operator connected to a signal source AKA base station (3G, 4G etc), the signal of which is blasted with very high power via thick COAX cable direct to radio ant...

Spectrum Infrastructure explain why mobile repeaters are illegal and the benefits of legal mobile coverage solutions like managed small cells & distributed antenna systems (DAS).

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