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We Are Wireless


Our service gives you 4G indoors!

Reliable mobile signal is the new utility in today's society. Whether we're calling a co-worker, family member, browsing the web, checking email or uploading pictures to social media, the expectation is to be connected everywhere!

Our infrastructure is delivered as an end to end Managed Service, including the procurement and installation of the mobile network 3G & 4G radio sources, backhaul and appropriate in-building coverage system.

As an independent Managed Service provider of in-building wireless systems, we have a range of technologies suitable for any scope of project.

Through a single radio antenna, our service can deliver all global Mobile Networks, 2 way radio and the Emergency Services be it TETRA or the new Emergency Services Network (ESN).

After spending years delivering IT and Telecoms Managed Services to global organisations, we understand the importance of reliable, business critical systems and on-going support. Not only do we install best in class technology, Spectrum have invested heavily in a world leading software platform to consolidate our CRM, engineering schedule, SLA reporting, ticketing and billing systems, to the benefit of our staff and customers.

Spectrum have the experience, know how and service to you keep you covered!


                            We Are Wireless.




When choosing a business critical system for voice and data, there is no one size fits all. Each deployment is designed based on the floor space, occupancy, layout and building materials used making each of our coverage solutions completely bespoke. 


One thing to be sure of, unlike some mobile repeaters, our service is completely legal, carrier grade, monitored, managed and JOTS compliant. The key to our service is not only best in class technology but the speed of network approval and industry leading installation timescales.

Spectrum Infrastructure - Managed Small Cells 3G Coverage

Managed small cells are suitable for providing mobile coverage in buildings of up to 100,000 square feet.

Spectrum Infrastructure - Small Cell DAS - Small Cell Distributed Antenna Systems

Small cell fed DAS is suitable for providing coverage in large buildings with hundreds of daily occupants.

Emergency services network (ESN)

ESN provides 4G connectivity for voice, data and video for the blue light sector. 

Emergency Services Network ESN

A Base Station fed DAS is suitable for providing coverage in very large buildings with thousands of daily occupants.

Spectrum Infrastructure - Distributed Antenna Systems - DAS

Better Quality
of Service

Seamless connectivity
offers a positive
customer experience
Anywhere wi-fi access 
encourages efficient working practices

Enhanced Productivity

Public Safety

DAS supports resilient
safety personnel
Reliable coverage for
all mobile and public safety bands

Flexible Connectivity


By partnering with Spectrum Infrastructure, we will improve your clients in building mobile signal, generate new revenue streams for your organisation and ensure you never lose a client due to poor mobile signal within their building or offices.

There is no investment required from your organisation, nor will you have to learn a new trade or hire engineers because we take care of consultation, design, installation and on-going support. 




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